Training #310 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

On this week's training, we covered:

  • A hot seat for Dawn Daniels' non-fiction children's book about the pledge of alliegance.
  • Carolyn Drew's question about launching a book.
  • A hot seat for Cindy Martindale's non-fiction/eldercare book.
  • Carolyn Drew's follow-up question about how long it takes for a book to go live after hitting publish.
  • Carolyn Drew's question about the differences between KDP Print's Expanded Distribution and Ingram Spark.
  • Pamela Cotton's question about Ingram Spark's announcement that they'll be removing low quality and low content books from their catalog.
  • A hot seat for Darren Michales' non-fiction children's book about nutrition.
  • Kammy Hayne's question about what content is chosen when requesting a larger Look-Inside.
  • A second hot seat for Jane Buttery's historical fiction novel.
  • Jane Buttery's question about using a PDF to create your ebook.
  • Mike Eastman's question about how pricing works at Fiverr.