Training #312 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

This week's hot seats and ask us anything session had a lot of interaction from folks, probably from being cooped up in self-quarantine all week while we deal with the pandemic.

We covered a range of topics:

  • Richard Pearlman and David Baillie's questions about our live training replays.
  • A hot seat for Conrad Deas‘s non-fiction business book about social media.
  • A hot seat for Vivian Kuala‘s non-fiction/spirituality journal about Norse runes.
  • Pamela Cotton's question about providing separate versions on Ingram (color) and KDP Print (black & white).
  • Nancy Fox's question about Amazon Advertising and targeting a specific niche.
  • Karen Fredericks' question about Also Boughts and how to target them.
  • Ila Scott Ford's question about printable resources from a Kindle book.
  • A hot seat for Faith Nelson‘s non-fiction/self-help journal.
  • Susanne Valla's question about doing journals on Kindle vs Paperback.
  • Ismael Nowick's question about whether Amazon is still selling paperback books during the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.
  • A hot seat for Kathy Lane‘s non-fiction legal education book on real estate.
  • Nancy Fox's question about putting your name on the cover of a journal (or not.)
  • Vivian Kuala's question about testing cover designs.
  • Vivian Kuala and Ismael Nowick's question about creating an author page for each pen name.
  • Ismael Nowick's question about using a business name as a pen name.

Image by Vektor Kunst.