Training #317 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

In this Hot Seats session, we covered a lot of topics, including:

  • Karen Wolff's question about whether you should get your cover created before the rest of the illustrations are done and whether to use the same illustrator or not.
  • Karen Roberts' question about narrowing down keywords to use when publishing your children's book.
  • A repeat hot seat for Darren Michaels' children's super-hero nutrition book.
  • Audrey Hinds' question about whether you require a new ISBN if you change your cover image.
  • A hot seat for Dory Harvey's children's ABC book.
  • Jay's tip for getting additional categories easily added to your book listing.
  • Lindsay Harvey's question about changing a title on a Kindle book after it's been published.
  • Faith Nelson's question about whether it is worth putting a single into Kindle Unlimited, and whether children's books should be sold in wide distribution or not.
  • A hot seat for Marina Pacheco's children's book where we specifically talked about where her ads might be falling short of making sales.
  • Audrey Hinds and Darren Michaels' questions about how to get a “#1 New Release” badge on Amazon.
  • Britt Gilbreth's question about the difference in price between printing in color versus black and white.
  • Karen Wolff's question about publishing and launching an English language book and a Spanish language book at the same time.
  • Tim Ormond's question about whether Erotica is the best category to start publishing on Amazon in.
  • Mike Eastman's question about whether Kindle Unlimited is difficult to use or setup.
  • Daryl Brown's question about where to these live training replays are archived.
  • Ara Alma's question about copyrighting a book.
  • Audrey Hinds' question about KDP payment schedules.
  • Faith Nelson's question about promoting downloads at the beginning of a Kindle book, specifically related to putting a Kindle edition of a journal online.
  • Audrey Hinds' question about the best day of the week to launch a children's book.