Training #322 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

We went into depth in a few hot seats and answered questions on this live training, covering:

  • A hot seat for Audrey Hinds' African American children's book.
  • A hot seat for Elaine Godinez's children's jokes book.
  • A hot seat for Nadine Refsell's children's animal book.
  • Nadine's question about whether to produce a board book right away or not.
  • Myrna Coleman's question about how to prioritize which project to work on.
  • Janet Chandler's question about whether to hold onto books for a rapid release schedule.
  • Elaine's question about whether you need a new ISBN number if you change your cover.
  • Louise MacDougall's question about the line thickness in our Paint-By-Numbers Creator software.
  • Kathleen Driver's question about how to analyze the conversions on her Amazon Advertising ads.