Training #324 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

In this training, we covered:

  • Janet Chandler's question about writer's block.
  • A hot seat for Jan Ziff's children's “learn to read” book.
  • Sharon Lang's question about republishing a book after rights revert back to the author.
  • A hot seat for Irma Bermudez's children's book series.
  • Ingrid Quintas's question about adding a journal or workbook to her existing book.
  • Ingrid's question about how to update your book after it has been published.
  • Chris Clinton's question about how to share review copies of books with people.
  • Debra Brown's question about changing keywords after you publish your book.
  • Carolyn Drew's question about updating an existing KKBC book with a live and clickable link.
  • Pam Ragland's question about whether to sell your book directly from your website or push your list towards making the sale on Amazon.
  • Pam's question about copyright and trademark and how it applies to a new series when a similar name is used by somebody else for unrelated books and movies.
  • Irma Bermudez's question about whether audiobooks for children's books sell or not.
  • Nadine Refsell's question about whether children's books need a phrase on the cover describing the contents of the book.
  • Sharon Lang's question about whether it makes sense to use a professional name as a doctor to help sell a scientific book for children.