Training #326 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

In this session of hot seats and ask us anything, we covered:

  • Matt O'Grady's question about optimizing Amazon Advertising.
  • A hot seat for Chris Clinton's children's coloring book.
  • Rick K's question about where to go after getting through the Children's Book Formula 2.0 videos and whether it is worth watching the original version 1.0 videos at this point.
  • Shelly Burbank's question about how much to pay for outsourcing a preschool manuscript of about 100 words.
  • Steve Young and Linley Braaksma's questions about setting up KDP accounts from countries other than the United States and how that affects taxes.
  • Wing Lau's question about whether you can use the same Amazon account for different services like Seller Central or KDP.
  • Rochelle C's question about how we handle replays.
  • Joelle Bailey and Kristian Kowsky's questions about choosing the right age range for your books for either a return on investment or for kid's with special needs such as autism.
  • Ingrid Quintas's question about how to format a Word Document for Kindle.
  • Mary McMichael's question about how to request a new subcategory be added for your book on Amazon.
  • A second hot seat for Nadine Refsell's children's book, specifically about the new version of her cover.
  • Chris Clinton's question about the advantages of choosing a pen name.
  • Wing Lau's question about how to sell board books through KDP.