Training #328 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

We covered a lot of questions and a few hot seats in this week's live training.

  • A hot seat for Molly McIntyre's children's geography/mystery novel and her question about how to format her book description.
  • Jim and Kathy Fontano's question about writing books aimed at different ages under individual names, or both names, or using a single pen name.
  • Sylvain Beriault's question about launching a book for free instead of launching it at 99 cents.
  • Joy Saunderson's question about what a gig is on Fiverr and how that platform works.
  • Janet Chandler's questions about writing for a Christian marketplace and how to determine the correct audience.
  • Sylvain Beriault's question about bestseller category rankings and a demonstration of the Book Review Rocket.
  • Mary McMichael's question about using our expenses as a tax write-off for our publishing business.
  • A hot seat for Karen Wolff's daughter's new children's book and how to take advantage of being a hot new release.
  • Sharon Lang's question about taking your book out of Kindle Unlimited.
  • Nadine Refsell's question about creating a KDP account using the same login as an Amazon Seller account and whether you can change the seller information.
  • Linley Braaksma's question about how the “Follow the Author” function works when using a pen name.
  • Mary McMichael's question about how some books get to be the #1 best seller in so many categories.
  • A hot seat for Jan Ziff's children's book cover, and her question about creating a video version of her books.
  • Linda Zallen's question about what it means to be a New York Times or USA Today best seller.
  • Dr. Janet Fisher's question about how to get an avatar picture for a pen name.
  • Ron Hagberg's question about how many questions to include in a 25,000 word chapter book.
  • Linley Braaksma's question about how to send her information about her children's book to the illustrator.