Training #332 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

This Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything session was very busy, as we went well over the 90 minute mark exploring the answers to your questions, especially as they related to each of the hot seats.

We covered:

  • A hot seat for Mary McMichael's children's book which has just had an amazing launch a week ago and has over 40 reviews.
  • Paul Huth's question about determining what font was used in an illustration and testing cover price.
  • Jan Ziff's question about focusing on a specific sub-niche might turn off other readers, specifically Jay's suggestion about adding the Christian keywords into the subtitle.
  • Linda Zallen's question about generally spiritual books should be aimed at Christian categories or not.
  • Julia Martin's hot seat for how to position her children's ABC book concepts and how to choose between different series concepts.
  • Jan Ziff's hot seat for her next children's book cover and deciding between a streamlined and a more detailed option.
  • Pam Ragland's question about Amazon censoring Covid related books.
  • Hilary Davis's question about using public domain clip art in my book.
  • Crystal Han's question about how to generate money in Kindle Unlimited when your book's price is free.
  • Anita Singh's question about ISBNs and bar codes.
  • Ingrid Quintas's second hot seat for her newly released non-fiction self-help book and choosing categories and keywords for the metadata.