Training #336 – Hot Seats

We covered a lot of ground in this session:

  • Laurie Geschke's hot seat for a children's book her daughter wrote to determine the best age to target.
  • Jan Ziff's hot seat for her proposed “free gift” page for her children's book to get newsletter signups.
  • Lydie Leveille's hot seat for her English/French ABC book and how to market it.
  • Matt O'Grady's hot seat for his non-fiction meditation book.
  • Mary Morris's question about where our “Find Reviewers” button comes from and how to contact reviewers that would like a review copy of our books.
  • Melissa Carattini's question about where to find the Apex Authors Facebook group.
  • Paul Huth's question about why it's important to have 10 or more reviews.
  • Carolyn Drew's question about how to create a short link for a review page on Amazon.
  • Richard Prygodzicz's hot seat for his children's book cover and his question about whether Amazon Advertising is always beneficial or not.
  • Tammy Zenner's hot seat for her children's book and a demo for using our Paint By Numbers Creator software.
  • Kathy Johannes's question about updating your book after it launches to add a free gift page.
  • David Holroyd's question about Amazon reviews and if verified purchase designations make a difference.
  • Joaritza Noriega's questions about whether subtitles are necessary for children's books and whether we have a critique group available in our Facebook group.
  • Sandra Jean's question about whether the title or author name should go on the top of the cover.
  • Terry Eason's question about whether you can convert a low resolution digital image into a high resolution image for print.
  • Tammy Zenner's question about how to add a copyright page to our manuscript.
  • Paul Huth's question about whether free books still rank or not.
  • Conrad Deas's question about how to get a print cover to look the same in print as it does on screen.
  • Debra Page's question about how much to budget for a first book, specifically for a children's book geared towards 3-6 year olds.
  • Keri Craike's question about whether it makes more sense to do a 99 cent promotion or a free promotion.