Training #338 – Hot Seats

In this Hot Seats session, we covered:

  • Luke Betzner's hot seat for his children's career book, specifically on the title and cover image.
  • Joy Saunderson's question about how to choose a title based on your story.
  • Mary Morris's hot seat for children's chapter book, specifically on meeting reader expectations with your cover.
  • Nohra Bernal's question about where reviews appear when left in different country stores such as Amazon US or Amazon UK or Amazon France.
  • Molly McIntyre and Jan Ziff's questions about image optimization and how to reduce the file size of your book below the 3MB limit so that you can run a deal for $0.99 on your book (and save on delivery fees!)
  • Chris Clinton's question about how to update the cover of a book after it has been published (and the types of things you can or can't update after publication.)
  • Tammy Zenner and Richard Prygodizicz's questions about putting links into our books.
  • Ricky Martin's question about hiring an illustrator for your book and managing multiple illustrations and page counts.
  • Nohra Bernal's question about adding an email address into the copyright page.
  • Chris Clinton's question about creating French language books using the Book Formatting Rocket.
  • Julie Restivo Murphy's question about choosing a category for your book.
  • A bonus tip from Herb Hagell to use QR Codes in your children's books where you want there to be links. (Plus some gotchas to watch out for if you do that.)