Training #340 – Hot Seats and “Pop-up Training”

We announced a new “pop-up training” concept we are thinking of testing out and answered some questions around that, and also covered:

  • Rick Krusky's hot seat for his “blank comic book” children's journal.
  • Jan Ziff's questions about how to choose a category and when to launch your book.
  • Dr Shree Vaidya and Keith Gilbert's question about whether your book belongs in a specific category you want to rank for.
  • Richard Prygodzicz's question about how to get your book into a children's category.
  • Conrad Deas's question about how many categories your book can appear in.
  • Keith Gilbert's question about how to schedule a launch date.
  • Carlos Garcia's question about choosing your initial book category.
  • Una O'Sullivan's question about whether you can make Kindle coloring books.
  • Nohra Bernall's hot seat for her children's early reader book.
  • Barend Kruger's question about tracking historical sales data for a book.