Training #342 – Hot Seats

On this hot seat training, we covered:

  • Alison McLean's hot seat for her children's bedtime fairy book and optimizing your cover.
  • Gwynne Fairbrother's hot seat for her children's monster series and how to optimize the title, the branding of books together in a series, choosing the correct cover illustration, and generating reviews.
  • Nadine Refsell's repeat hot seat for her rhyming children's animal book and how to setup a launch team, choose the right categories, and mapping the different editions together.
  • Mary McMichael's question about having a transparent background in the bestseller seals.
  • Hilary Davis's hot seat for her educational pre-teen gross-out humor book and her question on contacting KDP's help desk.
  • Nathaniel Ziomek's question about choosing between different categories and whether to go for the most relevant category or a more obscure category so you can get a #1 bestseller rank.