Training #352 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

In this training session, we covered:

  • A walkthrough of where to find things on the Apex Authors website.
  • Nancy Wagner's question about which browser to use when perusing the Apex Author's site.
  • Jan Ziff's question about Facebook Advertising.
  • Jack Grylewicz's hot seat for his “Felix the Cunning Fox” book series covers.
  • Linda Zallen and Sandra Gonyier's questions about using different covers for print and ebook.
  • Jack Grylewicz's question about using the same pen name for his war fiction book as for his children's books.
  • Nish Nom's question about creating an “About the Author” bio for a pen name.
  • Pamela Cotton's question about Amazon's policies for what books they'll publish and which ones they won't.
  • Keri Craike's hot seat for new cover designs for her puppy children's book based on feedback from a few weeks ago.
  • Pamela Cotton's question about getting an offer for the audiobook at the front of her book approved by KDP.
  • Keri Craike's idea for creating a Pinterest group for sharing each other's books.
  • Nancy Wagner's question about changing the title of a book and if it needs to be republished.
  • Keri Craike's question about closing an Amazon account and if that will affect your KDP account.
  • Edwin Washington's question about the differences between an Amazon business account and a KDP account.