Training #356 – Hot Seats

In this training, we covered:

  • Cindy Ann Olsen's hot seat for her non-fiction/health & fitness book, focused on her title and cover.
  • Faith Nelson's hot seat for her poetry book and question about setting a book to free in KDP Select.
  • Wendy Tarsaroff's question about choosing keywords for Amazon Advertising sponsored keyword ads.
  • Trudy Otter's question about what impressions are when analyzing your ads.
  • Charlene Giordano's question about choosing which genre to write a book in first and how to research a new category.
  • Oliver Asaah's hot seat for his non-fiction/relationship book.
  • Timitra Williams' question about selling different versions of your book (such as with different covers) in different Amazon marketplaces.
  • Amalia Levine's question about how popular Kindle editions of books are given how some parents want to limit screen time.
  • Keith Ellis's question about what to export pages as out of Powerpoint for a children's book to upload to KDP or KDP Print.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about producing hardcover versions of your children's books and whether that can be done in KDP Print.
  • Mellanie Narinesingh's question about minimum print quantities for print on demand books.
  • Xinlin Pan (Sona)'s question about publishing her son's book to Kindle.
  • Debbie Culver's question about whether she needs her own ISBN numbers or not.