Training #361 – Hot Seats

This was a jam-packed session!

Erin talked about an opportunity to get your children's picture book formatted live in her next Pop-Up Help Desk, and we answered questions and did hot seats for:

  • Bonnie Heidbrak's question about how to access Erin's Pop-Up Help Desk sessions from the Facebook Group.
  • Jolumaza Zaporta's hot seat for his non-fiction relationship book and his non-fiction leadership book.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about relaunching a book with a team.
  • Martin Li's question on how to qualify the viability of a story idea and how to determine the right target audience and comparable titles.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about how difficult it is to change a Kindle cover image.
  • Belinda Logan's question about the right age to target for the reluctant reader demographic.
  • Carol Slater and Mary McLane's questions about how long a book can be for specific children's demographics.
  • Jolumaza Zaporta's question about whether Book Sprout is worth using and if it is against Amazon's terms of service.
  • Mary McLane's question about how to include a clickable link in a book.
  • Artur Grzenkowicz's question about using a pen name for different age demographics.
  • Paul FitzGerald's hot seat for his wife's seasonal children's book, specifically focused on the cover.
  • Debbie Culver's question on doing a training on selling to public libraries.
  • Christie Higuera's hot seat for her children's baby book.