Training #362 – Ask Us Anything

In this training, Jay introduced the new Children's Book Formula membership area, after which we answered questions along with a surprise appearance from Erin about halfway through for her take on a few of the questions:

  • Diane Morton's question about selling her book in the UK instead of the US.
  • Claire Salem's question about whether her children's book is too long (800 words vs 500 words) and if she needs to pare it back or not.
  • Paul Fitzgerald's question about whether there is a recording of yesterday's Pop Up Help Desk session where Erin walked through and setup a book in Kindle Kids Book Creator.
  • Donna Schwontkowski's question about whether current Children's Book Formula members will have ongoing access to the new training and tools.
  • Matt O’Grady's hot seat for his non-fiction motivational book.
  • Claire Salem and Sandra Gonyier's questions about whether you can change a subtitle for a book and relaunch it.
  • Hilary Davis's question about which Amazon store link to promote for your book.
  • Jenifer Joy Madden's questions about how long to test changes such as cover changes to determine how well the new version works and what type of ads to use.
  • Mary Carl's question about whether you can use full color pages in paperback.
  • Maria's question about signing up to KDP with an EIN.
  • Elizabeth vom Dorp's question about whether you need a separate EIN from your existing company when signing up for KDP.
  • Christie Higuera's question about giving credit to the illustrator.
  • Mary McLane's question about fixing a typo and updating your book listing.
  • Ron Hagberg's question about where to find the 1099 from KDP to report on your taxes.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about how to determine whether to use US or UK spelling in her book.
  • Shawn Brown's question about whether you can put advertising into your non-fiction book.
  • Carol Slater's question about how to credit people appropriately when adapting the work for a deceased author.

Image by Gerd Altmann.