Training #364 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

Erin announced the new schedule for upcoming Pop Up Help Desks, and we covered hot seats and answered questions for:

  • Judith Thurber's question about the pros and cons of using a pen name.
  • Margi Evans' hot seat for her children's book, specifically about her description.
  • Linda Zallen's question about how to optimize a title.
  • Paul Fitzgerald's question about why a book he searches for appears in the UK but not in the US.
  • Diane Morton's question about how to make money from free books.
  • Jenifer Joy Madden's question about why sponsored ads appear before your title in search results and whether to always run ads against each of your books.
  • Judith Thurber's questions about whether you can create “About the Illustrator” pages on Amazon and about what to use as a publisher name.
  • Wayne Torrie's hot seat for his children's book and ways to improve his cover layout.
  • Faith Nelson's excellent suggestion of using google image search for your book's primary color to get a lot of similar books to compare against.
  • Phyllis Koch-Sheras's question about the pros and cons of using an illustrator or buying stock illustrations.
  • Edwin Washington's question about whether the publisher name effects who or how you get paid.