Training #368: Hot Seats, a Walkthrough, and Kindle Vella

We started by walking through the Apex Authors website for all new members, and then talked about the new Kindle Vella program that Amazon announced yesterday.

We also covered:

  • Tobias Ebel's hot seat for his children's animal book.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about how to make text bold in a book description.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about how to separate out series names for your books.
  • Edwin Washington's question about how to create translated versions of your books.
  • Blossom Stokes' question about whether you can use Google Translate to create new editions of your book.
  • Chiwah Slater's question about how to prevent free stock illustrations being used when hiring an illustrator.
  • Artur Grzenkowicz's hot seat for the cover of his children's humor book and targeting the right niche of your genre with your cover and title.
  • Margi Evans's questions about mapping different editions together even if the title slightly differs between KDP and Ingram Spark.