Training #374 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

On this hot seat and ask us anything session, we covered a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Rebecca Holman's question ways to promote print only books.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about whether coloring books can be downloaded.
  • Janet Bruno's questions about how to compete with larger players in your niche or genre.
  • Judy Luca's celebration of hitting #1 in 3 categories for her new children's book release.
  • Elizabeth vom Dorp's question about whether you can still claim to be a #1 bestseller after a book is no longer number 1.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about how soon to start Amazon Ads after launching a book.
  • Anita Grayson's question about the quality of KDP Print picture books.
  • Sandra Gonyier's question about ordering a proof copy.
  • Steven Cohen's question about whether it's better to create paperback or hardcover books.
  • Bonnie Heidbrak's hot seat for her children's book cover.
  • Joanna Trelawny's hot seat for her book description HTML choices on her children's book.
  • Rebecca Holman's questions about verified reviews and how to setup a promotional email campaign for a backlist.
  • Nancy Fox's question about how to determine the best size for a full page illustration in an ebook.
  • Steven Cohen's question about hiring Fiverr illustrators.
  • Cindy Olsen's question about how to determine book length (specifically, how many pages and recipes in a cookbook.)
  • Rebecca Holman's question about printing prices with KDP Print and how much more expensive it is to print in Auastralia.
  • Cecilia Simonis's question about what series name to choose.
  • Janet Bruno's question about pen names
  • David Christensen's question about how to handle a two page spread for a children's book.
  • Edwin Washington's question about how to provide sales reports to a third party whose books you are publishing.

Also, announced the same day as this training, KDP now allows you to apply formatting directly to your descriptions! We didn't see the new feature until after logging off, but you no longer need a third party tool to generate the HTML or rely on updating your description through Author Central if you aren't comfortable with HTML yourself.