Training #382 – Hot Seats and Print Interiors

In this training, Erin Moore joined us as we discussed the new printing options from KDP, and the differences between black & white, premium color, and standard color interiors. Then we got into:

  • Steven Cohen's question about whether to publish both Kindle and Paperback books.
  • Renee Rack's question about whether you can sell print books for 99 cents and if you'd go negative if the book sells.
  • Cindy Olsen's hot seat for her potential Launch Team signup form and how to create her street team, plus rapid release strategies.
  • Renee Rack's question about what pages count for the start and end of a picture book when determining the printing costs.
  • Eric Klassen's question about when to launch different editions of a book and whether you should publish the Kindle edition first or the paperback.