Training #386 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

In this training, we covered:

  • Lamatha Fray's question about next steps to take after writing her first children's book.
  • Donnita Parker's question about the best way to add text to a picture book manuscript.
  • Chiwah Slater's question about creating an audiobook version first and using income to pay for illustrations.
  • Eric Klassen's question about converting your book from RGB to CMYK and how to get the colors to look right.
  • Om's hot seat for his relationship book and why Amazon has different covers and prices for each edition.
  • Anne Spry's hot seat for her true crime biography and refreshing the cover of the book to better match the genre.
  • Casey Chambers question about what to do when you get a bad review.
  • Donald Carter's hot seat for his children's book about being a young boy and whether it makes sense to rename his book and how to do so, as well as how to talk to potential buyers in your book description.
  • Flora Brown's question about whether you can repost Amazon reviews on your own website or social media.
  • Tammy Anderson's question about whether she needs to convert her JPG images from her illustrator to PNG format.
  • Cindy Olsen's question about whether it's better to wait for an editor or just use software like Grammarly.
  • Cheryl Holland's question about how to determiner whether there is a market for a specific style of children's book.
  • Joanna's question about KDP completely rejecting MOBI files now.