Training #388 – Hot Seats and Holiday Sales

In this hot seats session, we covered:

  • Erin's upcoming Pop-Up Help Desk, where she will work with a small group of people to turn their text and illustrations into a Kindle-ready ebook.
  • Choosing the recipient for the 1-year license for the premium version of ProWritingAid. (Congratulations, Anita!)
  • Cheryl Holland's hot seat for her children's animal book to simplify her cover and promoting her books to appropriate audiences.
  • Birgitte Wilms' question about how to find virtual assistants.
  • Chiwah Slater's hot seat for her children's animal Christmas story and creating a consistent style.
  • Birgitte Wilms' question about whether you can cartoonify photographs as well as illustrations.
  • A discussion about promoting your books during the holidays, especially holiday themed books.