Training #390 – Hot Seats and A+ Content

In this hot seat session, we covered:

  • Brenda Brand's question about whether you can sell outside of Amazon if you use an Amazon ISBN.
  • Tobias Ebel's hot seat about A+ content for his animal and vehicle children's books.
  • Jean Berry's hot seat for her children's book and character instagram account.
  • Edwin Washington's question about how often you can change the price of your book.
  • David R. Christiansen's question about republishing a book with a new ISBN after the original publisher went out of business.
  • Eric Klassen's hot seat for his children's book and how to cost-effectively print a series of board books.
  • Connie McClendon's question about the print quality of KDP Print.
  • Sean McBriaty's question about how to get paid through the Kindle Unlimited program.
  • Chiwah Slater's question about how to find an age appropriate synonym for a word such as “teamwork”.