Training #394 – NaNoWriMo, PublishDrive, and Hot Seats

In this week's hot seats session, we covered:

  • National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and writing together through Apex Authors.
  • Publish Drive's lifetime subscription deal on AppSumo, and answered questions about Publish Drive, Draft2Digital, AppSumo, and their various services.
  • Tammy Anderson's hot seat for her ABC and Monster children's books and how to choose an appropriate age range for your ideal reader. (Also, congrats to Tammy on taking action and getting a book ready in time for last month's pop-up help desk session, allowing her to get two books completed already and online!)
  • Edwin Washington's question about the print cost for a color book.
  • Birgitte Wlmd's question about how to add a subscription form to her website from MailChimp.