Training #397 – Book Launch Hero with Melanie Galioto

Over the last 12 months, we've seen this training's special guest Melanie Galioto posting in our Apex Authors Facebook group bestseller, after bestseller, after bestseller.

Of course, that's always exciting for us to see success stories like that, but Melanie is doing something a little bit different than most of our other students. She's not only scoring best sellers of our own with her own books, but she's also offering this as a paid service to other authors so that they can get their own books on the Amazon bestseller charts as well.

And if you are an Apex Authors member or push button publishing member yourself, you will be glad to know that Melanie is simply using the very same trainings and software that you already have access to right now in order to create results like this for herself and her clients. And she happens to be pulling down some pretty good sized paydays at the same time as a service provider.

In this training she will tell us exactly what she's doing, how she's easily able to deliver these Book promotional services to her happy author clients with our training and software and resources, and perhaps most importantly, how you can do the same thing too!