Training #413 – Ask Us Anything

On today's training, we talked about the new Push Button Publishing update, Findaway Voices new narrator marketplace, and answered a number of questions:

  • Tracey Cheney's question about how to sync audiobooks with Kindle ebooks.
  • Anita Grayson's question about how to find Amazon's list of categories on Amazon.
  • Chiwah Slater's question about how to format a book for Kindle.
  • Cindy Olsen's question about where to find our Kindle Bestseller Mindmaps.
  • Kai Tan's question about Apex Authors.
  • Richard Pearlman's question about how to find his way through the fundamental steps of publishing.
  • Peter Andersen and Richard Pearlman's questions about how to use Push Button Research.
  • Kai Tan's questions about how to protect your copyright from foreign illustrators, publishing at other retailers and making bestseller lists, and minimize quality control for print on demand books.
  • Peter Andersen's question about whether it's worth advertising on Amazon.
  • Nancy Fox's question about publishing a non-fiction book with the Push Button Formatting app.
  • Terry Eason's question about how to prevent people from leaving a bad review because of a problem with Amazon's shipping or printing process.
  • Tracey Cheney's question about where to find last week's Pop Up Help Desk.

We also covered an impromptu hot seat for a writing craft book that we found that morning that shows what not to do even when you have a beautiful cover.