Training #421 – Hot Seats, Ask us Anything, and Copyright vs Trademark

We covered a lot of ground in this training, discussing:

  • News of a new cafe in Tokyo that won't let you leave until you reach your writing goals.
  • Krsnendu Knight's second hot seat for his relationship book cover and how to brand series for different audiences.
  • Khaya Osher's question about what criteria you need to meet to be considered a best seller and if getting top 100 free would count.
  • Margy Lang's question about whether a coloring book needs a separate ISBN than the original book.
  • Margy Lang's question about Draft2Digital's print beta.
  • Claire Salem's question about leaving reviews in other Amazon Marketplaces.
  • A walkthrough from Erin of the copyright process.
  • Joanna Trelawny's question about whether to register her copyright in the UK where she is domiciled or in the US where she makes most of her sales.
  • Jamie Dowden's question about the process for registering a trademark versus registering a copyright.

Note that our copyright and trademark discussions are primarily around US laws and that you'll want to do some research if you live in any other countries.