Training #423 – Ask us Anything

In this Ask us Anything training, we covered some news and answered the following questions:

  • Recent ISBNs that have been purchased starting with 979 are causing a small problem between Amazon and Ingram Spark that they'll hopefully resolve in the near future. (If you use the free ISBNs, or don't publish to Ingram Spark, or your ISBNs start with anything other than 979, you have nothing to worry about.)
  • The Push Button Publishing Chrome Extension got updated last week after the Chrome webstore finally got fixed and allowed us to upload the new version.
  • Artur's question about how to avoid the problem for the ISBN's with compatibility problems.
  • Anita's question about what to look for when working with a cover designer, covering market research, options for finding designers, choosing a designer, and protecting yourself upon delivery.
  • Nadia Lupatini's questions about the Pixabay license and what it means to not sell unaltered copies of the image, about what software can remove the background from photos, and how to make a coloring book from her illustrations.
  • Steve's question about what trainings to watch before releasing his book on Amazon.