Training #426 – KDP Updates and Hot Seats

There's been quite a bit of KDP news released since our last hot seats session, which we talked about at the start of this session, followed by some questions and hot seats:

  • Print on Demand is now available in Sweden and Polish Amazon Marketplaces.
  • KDP has changed the requirements for Low Content Books.
  • KDP Reports Beta has now become the default reporting interface and you can temporarily access the old reports for a few more months.
  • CS Slone and Trish Murtha's question about Kindle Vella.
  • Edwin Washington's question about the buy buttons being removed from the Kindle App.
  • Trish Murtha's question about templates for creating Kindle books such as children's books or cookbooks and the best file format for images.
  • A discussion on the copyright for creative works after the author dies.
  • Trish Murtha's hot seats for a cover design she created for a mystery/thriller and a children's book about pet loss that she illustrated.