Training #439 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

This Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything training was chock full of information! We covered:

  • BookVault as another option for printing and distribution and showing off some physical books we just received.
  • A reminder that Ingram Spark has a coupon code available until the end of the month (August 2022).
  • A hot seat for the description of Nadine's Mystery of the Ring children's book. We have covered this one a few times before but is now ready for publication and we showed it off as she does a great job of varying the layout of the interior pages to keep the book interesting to young readers.
  • Nicol Valentin's question about the cost of printing books in color.
  • Suzanne McQueen's question about how much it costs to deliver digital ebooks to customers.
  • Suzanne McQueen's question about whether you can print your book through Ingram and Amazon and you would have to unpublish from one to use the other.
  • Rose Marie Jones question about collecting taxes for book sales on Amazon and other retailers.
  • “Home Made”s questions about how to send links to readers in different parts of the world as well as how to get them advanced reader copies, and why your book may not show up in certain retail markets.
  • Suzanne McQueen's question about using affiliate links for our own products.
  • Marjorie Winful's question about when our trainings start.