Training #442 – Hot Seats, Questions, and News

In this training, we covered a lot of ground:

  • Some news about changing reader demographics, Spotify's upcoming audiobook offerings, and the 20 Books Vegas conference.
  • Anneline Breetzke's hot seat for her book explaining in-vitro fertilization to children and selling functionally similar books with different titles and different target demographics.
  • Suzanne McQueen's question about how Colleen Hoover sold 7.6 million copies of her books in the first half of this year.
  • Marion Williams' question about the best way to give away or sell ebooks directly, specifically if there are any alternatives to BookFunnel.
  • Philip Andrew Heider's hot seat for his “Kid's Writing Challenge” cover options.
  • Brenda Sattesahn's question about how to fix a problem with her book after publishing.
  • Kelvin Johnstone's question about why people sell books at 99 cents or give them away in Kindle Unlimited.