Training #459 – Password Management and Ask Us Anything

In today's Ask us Anything, we covered:

  • LastPass's recent data breach, what it means for us, do you need a password manager, and what are the next steps and alternatives?
  • Do we need a specific contract (and is there a sample) when hiring somebody on Fiverr? What are some best practices for covering work for hire when we hire somebody to do something for us? (Bonnie Heidbrak)
  • Ingram and KDP don't include the price in their barcode, do I need to buy a barcode from Bowker to include a price in it? How can I create it myself? (Suzanne McQueen)
  • I printed 1000 copies of my book about 15 years ago, is it possible to revitalize the book or get it in the hands of agents or publishers? (David Christensen)
  • What are the best ways to generate optimal keywords? (Elaine Godinez)
  • Do you have to register your pen names anywhere? (Jade Campbell)
  • We previously recommended that you use Ingram Spark instead of KDP Print's Expanded Distribution, but how do you account for the wasteful practice of returns to Ingram Spark being destroyed? And how do you minimize the financial risk of accepting returns? (Elaine Godinez)
  • A potential buyer has shown an interest in a book series but how do you purchase your books in bulk? (Wendy Tarasoff)