Training #461 – News and Ask Us Anything

We covered a lot of ground in this training!

  • News of Note for the week:
    • Audible price reductions for most if not all of their catalog
    • Draft2Digital tax forms will be split for 2022 due to their merger with Smashwords
    • Transparent images and how they behave across different ebook devices and settings
    • The Spotify audiobook sales experience
  • A discussion on using Kickstarter to sell your books.
  • Can you reward people for encouraging others to leave reviews for your book? (Chiwah Slater)
  • Do you have to put an illustrator's name on your book? (Angie Palank)
  • Is it ever beneficial to change your pen name for different books (not in a series)? Is there a limit to the pen names you can have? (Angie Palank)
  • What about the legal part of having different pen names? Do you register a business name for each pen name? (Sergiy)
  • Should you continue to put your book in multiple categories now that Amazon limits books to 3 bestseller categories? (Joanna Trelowny)
  • What kinds of things can get you suspended or banned on Amazon? (Angie Palank)
  • What are some things to consider when running ads on Facebook or other platforms for our books? (Anna Hernandez)
  • Should you put bullets or paragraphs on the back cover of your non-fiction book? (Anna Hernandez)
  • What should go on the back cover? (Thabelo Tshivumo Lithole)
  • Should you use testimonials on the back cover? What about from teachers for kid's books? (Chiwah Slater)