Training #465 – Ask Us Anything and Knowing Your Reader

We covered a few news notes and answered some questions today, with quite a few tangents on selling more of your books:

  • Next week's Pop-Up Help Desk on creating a print book interior.
  • “Shift Happens” kickstarter and knowing your readers.
  • Bookstores and sales post-pandemic.
  • What is the correlation between bestseller rank and number of reviews on a book? (Petsy Fink)
  • How many themes are too many for one book? (Petsy Fink)
  • Erin's advice about how to get out of our adult head and into a kid's head.
  • How do you update the “About the Publisher” section of a book listing? (Laurel Robben Pepoon)
  • What do we need to know about using famous people (who are still alive) in a book? (Petsy Fink)
  • What goes into making a bestseller? (Don Kreuter)

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors.