Training #469 – Hot Seat & Ask Us Anything

We started out with a little news and then moved on to answering questions and hot seats:

  • The US Copyright Office has released guidelines for registration of A.I. generated works.
  • KDP's Digital Education Resources are shutting down at the end of the month.
  • Using holidays to flesh out character traits in your books.
  • Is it best to get a copyright for each book before publishing to Amazon? (Margo Dewey)
  • Is there a way to register a book for $45 if you do your own illustrations? (Chiwah)
  • Should a Kindle book have 1-up or 2-up pages if there are any 2-page spreads in the book, especially if most of the pages are not spreads? (Bonnie Heidbrak)
  • If you have a 2-page spread, will you lose the illustration in the gutter? (Chiwah)
  • If you have a CIP block, does it need to match the metadata and cover if you change your subtitle? (Chiwah)
  • A hot seat for Nancy Fox's travel guides.