Training #472 – Kobo Plus and Ask Us Anything

In this week's ask us anything, we covered a lot of questions and a little bit of news:

  • Kobo Plus is now available in the United States and United Kingdom.
  • Can you sell Spanish language books through Kobo Plus? (Chiwah Slater)
  • Can you sell the English version in Kobo Plus if the Spanish version is in KDP Select? (Chiwah Slater)
  • I am ready to start publishing my children's books, how should I go about promoting them? (Connie Lynn McClendon)
  • How do you find influencers for kid's picture books? (Chiwah Slater & Bonnie Heidbrak)
  • How important do you think your own website/blog is? (Elaine Godinez)
  • Has anyone tried the MailerLite website builder? (Joanna T)
  • Can a writer under 18 self-publish their books or how would you go about paying them for their book sales? (Sergiy)
  • Have you had good results from Amazon Ads? (Suzanne McQueen)
  • What do you think about using a pen name for Facebook? (Edwin)
  • Do you recommend Patreon as a place for fans to support you and send you money? (Don Kreuter)
  • Does Amazon charge a setup fee or any fees when you create a physical book on Amazon? (Mac Jordan)
  • What tools can you use to do keyword and category research on Amazon for our books? (Mac Jordan)
  • Is there a master list of all Amazon categories? (Mac Jordan)
  • Is it possible to reclaim unused ISBNs that were bought 24 years ago? (Mac Jordan)