Training #474 – Ask us Anything

We covered a lot of ground in this ask us anything session, though the last 5 or so minutes were not able to be recorded.

Some of the specific topics we covered were:

  • TikTok's parent company is now starting their own publishing imprint. Will it take over #BookTok?
  • A walkthrough for how to access live trainings and replays from the Children's Book Formula members area.
  • Can you use translations to help with a rapid release strategy? (Chiwah)
  • How do I find original book ideas without running into copyright issues for similar book plots? (Mihails)
  • Is it better to hire a ghost writer or write a book yourself? (Mihails)
  • Do you need a Tax ID number at Ingram Spark (or other retailers), or can I use my social security number? (Chiwah)
  • A discussion on using AI for creating illustrations for children's books and the lack of a “creative edge” for those illustrations. (Anna Hernandez)
  • Copyright (and sales potential) for AI generated text and images. (Cindy)
  • A hotseat to help research categories for Bonnie Heidbrak's children's books.
  • How do you choose the right category and subcategory, and get your book to rank in it? (Wendy Guess)
  • What type of keywords perform best with Amazon Advertising, and how can you get low cost clicks? (Mihails)
  • How do I create a print format of a book from Canva? Do I just upload the PDF to KDP? (Mac)