Training #476 – Ask Us Anything

In this training, we answer:

  • How do I create an epub if I only have an InDesign file? (Seth Pepoon)
  • Can I use AI Narration to create my audiobooks? (Nancy Sharp Wagner)
  • Where can AI Narration audiobooks be sold? (Ed Washington)
  • What is the best transcription or dictation software right now? (Ed Washington)
  • How can I use a painting that is in the public domain for my book cover? Can I just download an image of it? (Tracy Cheney)
  • How difficult is the publishing process if you aren't a writer, and can you learn to be a writer? (Jackie)
  • How difficult is it to get a book laid out for a 100 page photo book and can I sell that through KDP? (Eva Poole)

Painting by Edward Hicks, c. 1840/1844.