Training #478 – Ask us Anything about Print Prices, Pen Names, and Imprints

There was a lot of news today, on top of our questions that we covered:

  • KDP Print price increases starting on June 20th.
  • Scrivener 3 is on sale for 50% right now at various deal sites.
  • If you are creating an illustrated book, reach out to Erin before contacting an illustrator to make sure you have your dimensions correct.
  • Using storyboards to help plan out your picture books ahead of time.
  • Is there a difference between KDP for ebooks and print books? (Mac)
  • Can you use a female pen name if you are a man, and if so how do you handle the author bio photograph? (Dal Anderson)
  • Is it possible to print copies of your book without making it for sale? (Mac)
  • Do you need a separate LLC to set a publisher name, even if you are just a single author? (Mac)
  • Can you choose new imprints for ISBNs you already purchased? (Mac)
  • BookVault should be opening up their US printing facility within the next week.