Training #487 – Ask us Anything about Print Books

In this ask us anything session, we talked a lot about the various print options for getting our books into the hands of readers.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Discovery Writing with ChatGPT
  • Draft2Digital Acquires
  • Author Ergonomics and Health
  • How do I convert my landscape ebook into print for KDP? (Rachel)
  • What are the minimum dimensions if I want to create a tiny book? (Susie)
  • A brief discussion about BookVault
  • Can I mention a free giveaway for my book in it's description on Amazon? (Danny)
  • What is a good expectation for sales numbers through IngramSpark? (Elaine)
  • How many books actually get returned or destroyed by the bookstores? (Tracy)
  • How do I print something I created in Canva? (Bonnie)
  • I have my book up on Amazon and Ingram…now what? (Bonnie)
  • A hot seat for non-threatening ways to address a teenager's body issues. (Suzanne)
  • Offset Printing Considerations
  • Have you raised your prices on KDP since the printing costs went up, and has it impacted sales? (Elaine)

We've also upgraded our process for these ask us anything sessions, let us know how you like it.