Training #494 – Ask us Anything and AI-Generated Declarations

We covered the latest news from KDP and the U.S. Copyright Office before answering questions this week:

  • AI-Generated Content Declaration for KDP Print
  • Changes at the US Copyright Office about mandatory deposits and AI
  • Updates about US printing with BookVault
  • Quality control for print on demand books
  • Advantages of using a white background for your full page picture books
  • Creating a PDF in the appropriate profile for printing at Ingram
  • Should books be published as soon as they are written or go through feedback cycles first with readers?
  • How do I choose trim size and format for my book?
  • How do I get video reviews on my book?
  • Do I need a legal release to use a quote from another author for marketing purposes?
  • What is a hot seat?

Original image by Mahmud Shuaib.