Training #500 – Ask us Anything and a Look Back

Wow – it has been 11½ years since Apex Authors started. Our first training was way back in July of 2012 and was all about; Blaine's first training came shortly after in the following August, demoing our WordCrusher software (which is no longer available, but has been rebuilt from the ground up as Push Button Book Formatting.)

We started our weekly trainings at the start of 2016, and welcomed Erin onto the team 4 years ago in 2019. Going forward, we're looking ahead at evolving our training and providing more down-in-the-details how-to trainings!

To celebrate, we raffled off a free consultation, and then delved into your questions, covering topics such as:

  • Amazon's promotional emails
  • Formatting alternatives to Microsoft Word
  • Resizing and Upscaling images (including a demo)
  • Converting between pixels and inches
  • File management for authors
  • Pre-Orders vs Scheduled Releases and Publication Date vs On Sale Date