Training #505 – Hot Seats and Upscaling

This Hot Seats/Ask us Anything training focused pretty heavily on images for our books and ways to work with imperfect images and still getting print quality.

Specifically, we covered:

  • The Hot Sheet and BookStat have teamed up to create a monthly list of digital and print books.
  • Working with clients to get the right cover on a book, plus a hot seat specifically comparing two covers.
  • A demo of the, Upscayl, and Photoshop Superzoom applications.
  • Declaring AI generated or assisted in KDP for upscaled images.
  • Upscaling logos and photographs.
  • A demo of the “Magic Grab” and other features in Canva.
  • A discussion of who should (or should not) handle the typesetting and cover design of your books.

In the course of our demos, we generated a few samples of upscaled and expanded images, and have included those in the resources below so that you can compare the outputs for yourself on your own computer.

Original illustration by Betidraws