Training #511 – Hot Seats

In this training, we had some hot seat submissions and covered the following topics:

  • Ways to turn off your reader at the start of your story and some tips from Erin of common mistakes she's been seeing a lot lately.
  • A hot seat for Serena's children's book cover.
  • A hot seat for Vijaya's children's books and finding AI artifacts and inconsistencies.
  • Choosing a time of year to launch your Christmas- and holiday-themed books.
  • Branding series for different target age demographics.
  • Atticus and other formatting software.
  • Richard's questions about creating cover files and printing costs.
  • Andrew's questions about writing under a pen name and if he should use a female-gendered pen name.
  • Benefits of KDP's 35% royalty rate versus the 70% royalty rate.