Training #513 – Ask Us Anything, a Hot Seat, and Ads

This Ask us Anything session was pretty packed, here's a summary of what is covered:

  • News:
    • An update to the Push Button Publishing rewrite and progress.
    • Audiobook growth through the library system.
    • Email deliverability changes in February by Google and Yahoo.
    • The results from our sample ads we created in late September.
  • Questions:
    • When do you start ads for a new book? (Steve)
    • When do you start to see results for your books? (Suzanne)
    • How long do you run ads for a new book? (Sheila)
    • What's a good profit to expect from ads? (Andrew)
    • Do you have to acknowledge if a book is AI narrated? (Anna)
    • Should I publish 1 book now and one later or hold off and publish the two together? (Sheila)
    • A hot seat for Cindy's cover revisions.
    • Where should I get author copies printed for highest quality? (Cindy)