Training #517 – Audiobooks and Ask Us Anything

In this Ask Us Anything session, we first covered some topical news, including Findaway Voices making a unilateral rights grab through their terms of service and the fall-out from the author community as a result. We then covered our takeaways from using Eleven Labs to create an AI-narrated Audiobook, and spoke on the following questions and topics:

  • Creating AI Narrated Audiobooks with 11 Labs
  • Audiobooks and Chapter Breakdowns
  • Audiobook Market and Demand for Children's Books
  • Board Books vs Paperbacks
  • Adding Text and Blank Pages in Children's Books
  • Customizing Layouts with Master Slides in PowerPoint
  • Other Sites to Upload eBooks To
  • Using Ingram Spark for Pre-Orders
  • Spiral Bound Books for Print on Demand
  • When to Use Separate Pen Names
  • Walkthroughs of Picture Book Creation and Collaborating in Canva
  • Giving Attribution to 3rd Parties
  • Print Books in Canva
  • Upcoming Hot Seats & Summer Programming
  • Book Feature Attribution on Copyright Pages