Training #522 – Ask us Anything: Canva Acquires Affinity Software

The big news that came out the day before this training was that Canva purchased Serif, the makers of the Affinity software suite.

We answered a few questions related to that as well as:

  • The differences between Affinity, Canva, and Adobe software packages.
  • Using Canva images and graphics in books and their licensing considerations.
  • How do you reach out to Canva artists to get additional images from them?
  • Privacy concerns of having online materials for minors.
  • Do videos about children's books help with sales?
  • How can I find readers who do video reviews?
  • Which fonts are best to use in my picture book and are free?
  • Should you create separate versions of a book with color pictures versus black and white, and should ebooks and print match?
  • Paper quality and ink quality choices at BookVault and US versus UK distribution.
  • Should I put keywords into my book's subtitle?