Training #531 – eBook Accessibility

Back in February, Blaine had the chance to meet today's special guest, Jeff Adams, at the Author Alchemy Summit. Jeff gave a fantastic presentation on the accessibility of the conference organizers' websites. Blaine immediately bought Jeff's book, Content for Everyone*, and read it on the flight home.

In this training, Jeff is here to share his expertise on how authors can meet the needs of their readers and make their books accessible to the widest possible audience, with a focus on eBooks.

This is information that all authors need to be aware of, and we'd recommend that you review this information each time you are getting ready to publish your books.

*We have no financial relationship with Jeff; his coupon is a discount that he has offered to our community for 50% off of his books when purchased directly from him. His books are also available for full price from Amazon, and we may receive a small commission from any Amazon orders at no additional cost to you.