Training #89 – Book Launch Basics

You can upload your book to Amazon and then forget about it, and hope that it starts making sales on it's own. In fact, until you have a back catalog, that's not a horrible strategy as long as you don't expect to make a lot of sales right away.

Organizing a book launch, however, will give your book some much-needed visibility and can help start a chain-reaction of promotional events from Amazon that can keep your book selling for weeks or even months at a time.

In this training, we'll cover the basic strategies that you need to know for your next book launch, including:

  • Your back catalog, having multiple titles, and writing in series
  • Building a list of fans
  • Providing a call-to-action to collect your reader's email address
  • Seeding your reviews
  • Building buzz around your book
  • Taking advantage of press releases and other media
  • Purchasing advertising and solo ads
  • Creating a Pre-Sale for your book