10 Cool Amazon Tweaks to Boost Your Sales

We’ve talked before about how unfair it is that good writing ability has little to do with good sales ability for your books…that these are two different disciplines you need to partially master if you want to go full time as a writer. 

It gets worse. 

You can have good sales knowing how to write, and how to sell. But increasingly, having the specialized knowledge about how to make books rank on Amazon is getting more important with each passing year. 

But don’t panic!

We’re not going to say you have to drop everything and go become an expert in this highly specialized skill set. By the time you really need to go that big, your sales will let you hire somebody to do it. What we are going to say is this: grab the low-hanging fruit.

Ten quick tweaks to your Amazon book listings won’t put you ahead of the big publishers with whole teams dedicated to just this…but it will put you in the top 5-10% of self-published authors. And if you can make a home for your books there, you can make a living off of your books. 

So, without further ado, here they are:

Image by Gerd Altmann.